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BE WELL "The Weight And The Cost"

BE WELL "The Weight And The Cost"

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01. Strength For Breath
02. Magic
03. Meaningless Measure
04. Tiny Little Pieces
05. Morning Light
06. The Weight And The Cost
07. Each Passing Day
08. Frozen Master
09. Aperture
10. Longing
11. Confessional

Pressing Information:

First Press:
20x Test Press
100x Trans. Red + Screenprinted Cover (End Hits Exclusive)
100x Yellow / Hot Pink (End Hits Exclusive)
100x Baby Blue / Trans. Orange
100x Coke Bottle Clear
100x Gold (Coretex Exclusive)
100x Neon Orange w/ Black Splatter (Coretex Exclusive)

Second Press:
10x Test Press
100x Red / Milky Clear Pinwheel (End Hits Exclusive)
100x Clear w/ Yellow / Red Splatter
100x Mint Green
100x Cyan Blue (Coretex Exclusive)
100x Black

Third Press:
200x Baby Pink in Clear

Fourth Press:
100x Half / Half  Yellow / Clear (Tour Edition)

Fifth Press:
100x Neon Yellow/Neon Violet (Tour Edition)

Sixth Press:
200x Baby Pink w/ Blue Splatter
200x Blue / Red / Yellow Tri-Colour
050x Neon Green + Screenprinted Cover (Tour Edition)
050x Neon Green (Tour Edition)

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