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Tracklist CD/LP:
01. 3 Feet From Peace 
02. The Sun, The Moon, The Truth: "Penance of Self" 
03. Married To The Noise 
04. Delinelle 
05. Cave Canem 
06. 56 
07. The Inner Authority: "Realization of Self" 
08. You Are Free 
09. Doomed By You 
10. The Better Days Before Me 
11. Owed Nothing 
12. Through The Chain Link 
13. The Reach For Me: "Forgiveness of Self"

Tracklist DVD:
01. Bringing You Down 
02. Empty Heads
03. Nobody
04. Such Pain
05. What Choice Did You Give Us?
06. We Still Believe
07. We Choose Nothing
08. Nothing You Can Do To Me
09. Amber
10. Against Them All

Pressing Information:

First Pressing October 2017 
100 Red + Hand Silkscreened Cover 
600 Gold + 'Live at Vainstream' DVD + 6 Postcards 
300 Green + 'Live at Vainstream' DVD + 6 Postcards 
900 Red 

Second Pressing November 2017 
1000 Black

Third Pressing December 2020
30x Test Press
75x Neon Magenta w/ Black Splatter (End Hits Exclusive)
100x Ultra Clear / Red Split (Impericon Exclusive)
100x Trans. Red

75x Red / Baby Blue Mix (End Hits Exclusive)
100x Neon Magenta In Ultra Clear (Impericon Exclusive)