BOYSETSFIRE "Tomorrow Come Today"

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- Featuring “Foundations to Burn,” “Handful of Redemption” and "Release the Dogs"
- First time on vinyl
- With redesigned artwork, new liner notes and archival photos
- Audio remastered by Paul Blakemore

"The most important and versatile hardcore band of all time" - VISIONS Magazine

01. Eviction Article
02. Last Year’s Nest
03. Full Color Guilt
04. Bathory’s Sainthood
05. Dying On Principle
06. Handful Of Redemption
07. Release The Dogs
08. Foundations To Burn
09. Management Vs. Labor
10. High Wire Escape Artist
11. White Wedding Dress
12. On In Five
13. With Every Intention

Pressing Information:
250x Trans. Marbled Turquoise + Screenprinted Cover
250x Trans. Marbled Turquoise
500x Rainbow Red Splatter