NATHAN GRAY "Light & Love" Book

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Approx. 152 pages.

Light & Love
, Nathan Gray’s (also known as the singer of post-hardcore legends BOYSETSFIRE and solo artist) third book release, is a candid journey that gives fans and friends alike a peek behind the curtain: no prose, no dancing around words – just vulnerable truths. Picking up where his first biography Until The Darkness Takes Us leaves off, Light & Love documents Gray’s brightest moments and hardest falls, offering readers a community to come home to. 

Light & Love is a deep dive into the darkest places of my heart and mind - the places from which my albums Feral Hymns, Working Title and the EP between them were born. It is messy and painful and real. My transformation musically, emotionally, physically and spiritually all came back to one simple truth:

Everyone and everything I thought I needed to be, I already was & I have so much more to say.”