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Silkscreen cover glows under BLACKLIGHT.  Vinyl appears CLEAR in daylight and changes to GREEN GLOW in the dark!

01. Wolves 
02. Tomorrow 
03. Baptismal Rites 
04. Corson (An Ode To Vital Existance) 
05. Wolves (Swallowing Filth) (Daniel E.Smith Remix) 
06. Tomorrow (Ritual Chamber Session) 
07. Baptismal Rites (Ritual Chamber Sessions) 
08. Wayward Ghosts

Pressing Information:

1st Pressing (May 2014) 
500 Clear SOLD OUT 
030 Silver + Hand Silkscreened Cover SOLD OUT

2nd Pressing (October 2018) 
075 Glow in the Dark Clear/Green + Hand Silkscreened Blacklight Cover 
425 Glow in the Dark Clear/Green