Welcome to End Hits Records!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

BoySetsFire has had a long and tumultuous history with the recording industry.  We thought it would be easy. Record some songs in Chad’s parent’s bedroom on his 4-track and send the demo tapes to a list of record companies that put out bands we liked. And then wait for the excited responses to pour in right? It’s that easy. Doghouse Records disliked us so much they sent us both a form rejection letter AND a handwritten one! It is the details that really matter….

So nothing…. we didn't let that faze us. We believed in ourselves. Wrote and played together. Basements VFW halls gymnasiums…Finally got a phone call from a guy in Detroit…We were stoked! I mean he had put out Chokehold!

He booked us a show in his basement and we made the 14-hour trip out to play to 20 kids. After not being able to reach him by telephone we decided to do it even though we had some misgivings. It was an absolute blast. It was the first time I remember people out of state singing along.

The guy from Detroit was exuberant and very enthusiastic. He was sorry he couldn't be reached but his phone was turned off. Also don't mind the occasionally crack whore or mugger that may come knocking at the door. This is Detroit son. Oh and don't sleep in the basement. Wolf spiders!

We heard some disconcerting rumors (one including a poorly rinsed out sex doll) but he was frankly our only option. He was the only one asking us to the prom.

Strangely, it ended badly.

And that began our long list of miserable experiences. I would say our dating around was much more fun than our frequent marriages….if you know what I mean.

So that brings us to the present. We have a new philosophy. We are only working with people we trust. And that is why we have decided to create an imprint (so exciting!)  called End Hits Records. This will be a vehicle for all things BoySetsFire and whatever fun other projects we do.

 We have entrusted the running of said imprint to our long time friend and extended family member (and Bavarian pig-farmer) Oise Ronsberger. Our next record will be released in Europe on this label and we cannot be more excited about taking the reins of our destiny in our own hands. Please take a minute and check out the website and the requisite Friendster page. (What? That’s not a thing? Oh right…facebook.)

And please feel free to download the songs from End Hits first release HERE.