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15 March 2013
LP - Digital

1 Pressing

March 2013
003 Test Pressing Black
500 White - etching on B side

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I Am Heresy O Day Star, Son Of Dawn

Who would have thought that a fun but fairly unserious couch songwriting session between Nathan Gray (BoySetsFire) and his son Simon would turn into one of the most inspiring debut albums of 2013?
I AM HERESY - a sideproject while BoySetsFire's future was uncertain - quickly took on a life of its own.
Going back to Gray's humble beginnings in the 90's Do It Yourself Hardcore Punk Scene I AM HERESY combine all the trademarks that BoySetsFire fans love while adding a whole new world of elements to the mix.
I AM HERESY's music effortlessly combines noisy hardcore, raging punk, technical metal and heavy breakdowns.
While the first two songs on the "O Day Star, Son Of Dawn" EP are remniscent of Grays old band as well as Mathcore's godfathers CONVERGE and THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN the listener is in for a surprise after the first seven and a half minutes.
Calling "tree of knowledge" a ballad would be an insult. The combination of acoustic guitars, distorted vocals and noise effects is closer to the quiet moments of NEUROSIS then to the "punks-go-acoustic" trend of the last years.
And when you finally thought you have figured out I AM HERESY they deliver "hive mind".
The straightest piece of epic rock music the band ever wrote.

"O Day Star, Son Of Dawn" will be released on vinyl only (with download code).
The one sided 12" EP will be pressed on white vinyl and feature an etching on the B-side.
Limited to 500 handnumbered pieces.