I Am Heresy

I Am Heresy

One of the most common things to ever possibly happen across the entire universe is the phenomenon by which a band breaks up and a key member suddenly gains a clear vision for what his next band NEEDS to be. It’s in a virtual tie with the story of the band that “came so close to breaking up” during the recording of “their newest, and greatest, album to date.”


I AM HERESY‘s formation certainly qualifies under the auspices of the former, but with a twist that will knock you back on your ass faster than you can shout “Shyamalan!” For it’s not the typical story of “our old bands used to tour together and we always wanted to play in a band someday…” Not even close. With I AM HERESY, we’re literally talking about a father and son deciding to join forces in order to properly layeth the proverbial smacketh down. Nathan Gray (also of BOYSETSFIRE) was ending a stint fronting THE CASTING OUT whilst son Simon Gray and Jonah Latshaw (son of BOYSETSFIRE guitarist Joshua Latshaw) continued playing guitar and singing respectively for MAY 4TH MASSACRE. After “walking in on” his son (playing GUITAR… you sick, sick fucks), ideas were hatched, demos were pieced together and, eventually, a full band was formed with the addition of brothers Jay and Crumbs Konieko (THE DEAD AND GONE) brought in as the rhythm section and Gregg Kautz (CHAMBERS) summoned to complete an unholy trinity of guitar madness.

The result? I AM HERESY‘s sound is an eruption channeling the passionate hardcore/punk fury of early BOYSETSFIRE streaking ferociously down the middle of the metallic-tinged prowess and influences of fellow hardcore giants INTEGRITY and CONVERGE. Imposing. Frenetic. Unrelenting. And certainly unrepentant.
The self-titled debut from I AM HERESY will be released with an exclusive bonus track all over europe on End Hits Records (Distributed by Cargo) on February 22nd 2013.


O Day Star, Son Of Dawn

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